happy new year and all the other happies I missed // an update

It’s May, which means this is my first post in 2017 *hides in shame*. Well, happy new year, Valentine’s Day and all the other holidays and special days we had since January! I also turned twenty two years old in March so happy birthday to me.
I haven’t written anything here and to be honest, I miss it. I haven’t read much either (nothing, actually). I also didn’t feel like posting much because I wanted to stay away from the internet for a bit and focus on university.
I finally felt courageous enough to dig up this blog and clean the dust that has been accumulating due to my absent months. The problem is: as I mentioned, I haven’t read much. Scratch that – I have been reading, but I haven’t finished a book in months. What to do now? How am I supposed to blog now? Well, I decided to post more often but about many different things that can be posted and don’t require me finishing a book. My posts will still mostly be book related, but I want to talk about other things that I’m interested and invested in. Not because I feel like that’s going to boost my blog (I don’t really care about that and to be honest I don’t think it will), but because I NEED to have something that will make me feel accomplished and satisfied. Somehow this blog and books give me a feeling of goodness and calmness that I need 😁(cue eye roll from less sensitive people that don’t understand how important someone’s mental health is).
ANYWAY, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say in this post. Don’t call this a comeback BUT I’ll try to write more often and keep you updated on things I am interested in at the moment! 💖

I am back // reading, japan and more

Hello friends! I’m back (hopefully)!! 😺 (and blogger has emojis now, a lot has changed)
In 2017 I want to regularly update this blog. Since I sometimes am busy with university and other real life things, I’m left with almost no time to read or to actually finish a book, so this blog tends to be sort of abandoned. BUT during the next year, I plan on writing more here and not only about books (that way it is constantly updated) but also about university, life, tv, movies and other general things. Nevertheless, this blog will always be mainly about books. I hope that’s okay with you, guys.

Anyway, now that we got that out of the way, I believe I have to update you on what I’ve been doing during these past 4 months. I did not read much – that’s pretty obvious. Since I finished Queen of Shadows, I was left in a major book slump and I have only managed to finish one book… ONE BOOK!!! What is happening to me? Wait… It gets worse: It took me 2 months to read that book. In my defence, I can’t pick up other books while I’m already reading one, so that’s also a reason why there aren’t more books on my 4 month wrap-up.

During these months, I did a lot of new things: I spent my last month of summer break reading Queen of Shadows (it killed me), getting a tan (which has already faded) and spent a week with my dear friends, which was amazing – we had so much fun!!
In September, I went to JAPAN for a week on a exchange program organised by the Japanese Government!!! Yes, Japan – I still can’t believe I was there.


After that, I started my master’s degree in International Relations and I’m currently struggling to write my essays, but that’s a story for another time!

Annnnd that’s basically it! I want to read new books so badly, so hopefully I’ll get some reading done this winter break (even though I have to read a lot for university).

Here’s a list of things I loved during these past 4 months:


  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them;
  • Lost in Translation (made me miss Japan so much!);
  • Spirited Away;
  • Boys and Girls (gotta love those 2000s movies);
  • Friends With Benefits (I love Mila Kunis, I’ve been watching all her things)

TV Shows:

  • Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life (I never thought I would get new episodes, ever. I couldn’t be more grateful)
  • Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (I finished it, I’m still heartbroken)
  • Reign (finally caught up on it)
  • That 70’s Show (I’m determined to finish it soon)

(I’ve been going back to artists I used to love but haven’t listened to for a long time)

  • Purity Ring (I seriously love this band so much)
  • Gabrielle Aplin
  • The Kooks – Junk of the Heart Album (mainly the song: Rosie)
  • Sia – The Greatest (single)
  • Gotye – Somebody that I Used to Know (I KNOW, I couldn’t stop listening to this song ever since I heard it again in my friend’s car).

I hope you’re all well and I’ll see you SOON.

the one where I update you on my life

Hi everyone!!! Summer’s finally here and I have all the time in the world. Why? Because I FINISHED MY DEGREE!!! I’m no longer an undergraduate student and I have a piece of paper that tells everyone that I studied a lot during 3 years and am qualified enough to get a job related to International Relations (which, of course, they won’t give it to me because I’m a newbie). I’m so excited and yet I’m already missing everything: classes, learning about what I love, my friends… It’s sad because we’ll follow different paths and who knows when we’ll meet again? I’m going to get my master’s degree so I’ll still study for two more years but it won’t be the same anymore and that’s a weird feeling. But we’re scheduling a lot of things to do together this summer so maybe it’s not over yet! Who knew I would miss so many people? Three years ago, before starting uni, I would have told you that my goal was to graduate and never see these people again, simply because I rarely develop friendships with the people I work with and am with every day. But I really like everyone and I’m sad it’s over. But who knows what’s coming my way? That makes me excited! I can’t wait for all the opportunities ahead and all that I still have yet to learn.
I guess I have a few updates for you:
Blog: I HAVE A NEW THEME!!! In case you didn’t notice, it’s alright. It’s very similar to my last one, but way better.
What I read: There was a moment during all these months of hard work where I stopped reading, which means that I have probably read two books from February to now. I wanted to get the best grades I could so I had to give up some things, as much as that made me super sad and sometimes frustrated. But the hard work certainly paid off.
What I’m currently reading: (or what I’ve been reading for a whole month because exams were killing me) The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater! Guys, I love this book so much!!!! I never thought I would love it as much as I do. Everyone was saying that it was a slow-paced book and I don’t really like that, so I was very skeptical. But I picked it up and I was instantly addicted! This books gives such different vibes – it’s like you’re transfixed or you’ve been transported into a wonderful world where you’re just causally hanging out with the best people ever. Seriously, I’m in love. I was 50 pages in and I immediately bought the next 3 books.
Things I’ve been loving recently: 
  • I’ve been addicted to Hamilton (just like everyone else because it’s that epic!); 
  • I watched Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki and I will never forget this beautiful and magical movie;
  • Delirium by Ellie Goulding 
  • The Raven Boys (hehe)
  • Still lovin’ those big books I need to read
  • Myself (yes, I’ve really been loving myself and that’s such a great feeling, to be honest *heart eyes emoji*) and my new haircut
What I’ve been doing: 
  • Catching up on tv shows (Homeland, How to Get Away With Murder, That 70’s Show, Game of Thrones (lol))
  • Reading (even though I still haven’t been doing much reading)
I’m so happy to be back! A big Book Haul is coming soon *wink wink*. I hope you’re having a great day and reading lots!

21 things I’ve learned in 21 years

Today (March 20th) I turn 21 years old. That might not be such a big deal for a lot of people, but for me it sort of, kind of, is. I don’t care much for birthday celebrations, but I do care about turning a year older, because that means I’m one step closer to adulthood, which I still don’t fully comprehend. However, during my 21 years, I’ve learned something new and valuable every day, shaping who I am today. I’m going to share my wisdom with you today and mention 21 things I’ve learned for the past 21 years. Hopefully they will help someone out there, or they will just help me reflect all the things I’ve gone through over the years.
21 things I’ve learned in my 21 years:
1-  Having a role model is one of the best things ever – it makes you want to be better. Mine are Rory Gilmore, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss. They bring me happiness, joy and motivation!
2-  Hard work always leads to feeling proud of yourself. Work hard > get the A > be proud. It always pays off.
3- Failure is a natural thing – learn from your mistakes and don’t stop trying until you make it;
4- Not everyone will like you. That’s okay, you still have lots of people who love you for who you are.
5- Tea is not just for when you are feeling sick/blue. Tea is for all occasions (and if you drink it with milk, it will taste even better!).
6- An emoji can make someone’s day. Use them more frequently!
7- Always choose happiness! Good things will come your way.
8- It’s okay to feel sad sometimes. Cry it all out and then pick yourself back up. Life is made of ups and downs, but don’t give up.
9- It’s okay to feel so good with yourself that you don’t need a significant other! Being independent is the key to happiness and joy.
10- It’s okay to like things other people find strange/weird/nerdish.
11- It’s okay to be nervous. It shows that you’re responsible.
12- Just because people say that you shouldn’t feel a certain way doesn’t mean that you should feel bad/guilty for feeling what you’re feeling (aka anxiety and many other issues). It doesn’t diminish your pain. You are entitled to your feelings and insecurities. Don’t waste time with people that don’t understand you and focus on the ones that actually care about you.
13- Minimalism is your go-to choice – in everything.
14- Knowing how to work with Photoshop will help you in many different situations and it will make you happy.
15- If you have a dream, follow it. No matter how hard it is to get there.
16- Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary, but it’s worth it (I’m still learning how to step out of it)
17- Coffee is great for staying awake and making it through classes. But it won’t help you finish your essay/notes when you’re already stressed. Tea is the answer (see 5).
18- Just because you feel inferior, doesn’t mean you actually are inferior. Stay positive, you are important and you need to know your own value.
19- Reading will increase your knowledge. Reading for fun is the best hobby you can have.
20- It’s always nice to have a little nook/something of your own. It’s even better when said nook gives you happiness. Mine is this blog (and reading… and tv shows).
21- Despite of everything you’ve learned so far, you will still make a lot of mistakes in life. The reason why is that you still have a lot to learn.

I had a lovely birthday, full of energy and positivity. Thank you for all the birthday wishes on instagram and twitter. This community makes me very happy! 🙂 

100 days of productivity | day 1 to 8

 Day 1 to Day 8 – 14/02 to 22/02 

Hello friends! 
Today I bring you my first 8 days of productivity. I’m not going to talk about each photo specifically but I’ve been having some pretty good and productive days. I started my second and last semester of university EVER (as an undergraduate) and I’ve already started studying and trying to stay on top of things! I pretty much spent these days working on a presentation that I have to do in a few months and that is very important to me, personally and professionally. I’m nowhere near finished with it but I already have some guidelines so I feel confident about what I have so far (aka I have panicked a lot but I think I’m calm now).
However, I have done a few more productive things during these past 8 days (and not so productive things as well):

  • I’ve been writing posts in advance for this blog for when I get really busy with university;
  • Even though I’m currently on a reading slump, I’ve been trying to read a bit every day;
  • I’ve been feeling generally happy with myself and that’s a milestone for me (YAY). That makes me so motivated to follow my goals;
  • I’ve also been loving my classes so so much – I’ve been feeling so much like Rory Gilmore, and that makes me so happy because, if you truly know me, you know that she is my ultimate inspiration and everything I want to be in life;
  • I’ve also been obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is part of the reason why I’m on a reading slump and the not-so-productive activity. I managed to watch 2 seasons in a week or so. I’m currently on season 3 and I’m so addicted to the show, it’s insane. I’ve known about this tv show all my life (not literally but almost) and it has just sort of always been there. Just like Smallville, for example – everyone knows about Smallville but not everyone has seen it (I’ve only seen season 1, by the way).
      There’s not really much else to say, to be honest. These last few weeks basically consisted on: going to university > classes > lunch > classes > home > studying (aka researching and reading) > dinner > buffy the vampire slayer > read > sleep. However, I want to be able to do some more serious research for my presentation, so I’m going to try to dedicate more time to it in the next few days.
      How are you? What is the most productive thing you’ve done today/this week? 

      100 days of productivity | intro

      Hello friends, I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! This post is going to be quite short and non-book related (kind of).
      Today is my last day of freedom, a.k.a, the last day of my break from uni. Classes start tomorrow and my schedule is a bit dull this semester. However, I plan on being productive and motivated throughout the semester and make the most of it. I intend on having a good GPA after I graduate and this is my last effort. 
      In order to be more productive every day, I decided to join the 100 Days of Productivity that has been going around the studyblr* community. I wanted to do this challenge last semester, but I found out about it a bit late and I didn’t have enough days left of the semester to do this (because we all know I’m not productive during my breaks). However, productivity is not just about studying for university. I find that you can be productive if you’re doing something that makes you grow or makes you happy or keeps you busy (studying, reading, baking, cleaning, and so on). 
      Most of my 100 days of productivity will consist of studying, but maybe I’ll do something productive that doesn’t have anything to do with studying. I will upload my progress on weekly posts where I’ll post the pictures I took during those days.
      Hopefully this will keep me inspired, motivated and productive during my last semester. I will also be posting the pictures on my studyblr.

      *studyblr – a tumblr community where people motivate, help and inspire each other to study. Here’s mine.